Managing Achilles Tendinopathy

Saturday 28 October

This one day course provides a unique opportunity to listen to Professor Hakan Alfredson & Dr Lorenzo Masci from our Tendon Clinic, plus special guest Dr Seth O’Neill. 

They aim to bring together the science and art of managing people with tendinopathy…

The day is primarily targeted to individuals treating patients with tendinopathy (Physiotherapists, Sports therapists, Osteopaths, Soft Tissue Therapists, Sports Physicians etc).  

Programme of the Day: 

Adjuncts to loading. Is there a role for injections or shockwave?

9am - What is the current state of play regarding tendinopathy? (Seth O’Neill and Lorenzo Masci)

  • Aetiology of tendinopathy – the clinical relevance
  • Risk factors for tendinopathy
  • Pain in tendinopathy
  • Clinical diagnosis

10.30 -  Coffee break

10.50am - How to assess a patient with Achilles tendinopathy? (Seth O'Neill)

  • Treatment and why it works 
  • Treating the whole person
  • Function of plantarflexors and clinical assessment of them

11.20 - Imaging (Lorenzo Masci & Hakan Alfredson)

  • What is the role of imaging including novel imaging modalities (UTC and elastography)?
  • Plantaris-associated Achilles tendinopathy: is it an important sub-group of Achilles patients? 

12.30pm - Lunch

1.15pm - General principles of conservative management of patients with tendinopathy (Seth O'Neill and Lorenzo Masci)

  • How does loading work?
  • How do you monitor/progress a patient with tendinopathy? 
  • What happens if loading is not working – tips for the non-responder? 
  • Adjuncts to loading: Is there a role for injections or shockwave? 

Coffee 2.30pm – 3pm

3.00pm - What is the role for surgical treatments of tendinopathy? (Hakan Alfredson) 

  • Surgical management options - Which ones make sense?

3.45-5pm (Seth O'Neill, Lorenzo Masci & Hakan Alfredson)

  • 1 hour assessment of patient and discussion 
  • Practical assessment of an Achilles Tendinopathy patient 
  • Questions from the audience
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