Track Athletics & Strength Training

Tuesday 6 June
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Whether you’re a recreational runner or an athlete competing for your club, improving strength will improve running form, reduce injury and enhance running efficiency. 

Track athletes can benefit from weight training as much as any athlete. However, most track athletes don't spend nearly as many hours in the gym as they do on the track. 

The gym is where you develop horsepower for the track, which is critical for improving your performance.

A carefully designed strength programme individualised to the athlete can have huge benefits, and attending this event led by Strength & Conditioning Coach James Phillips and Physiotherapist Andrew Goodall, could be the start of unlocking your potential.

During this presentation, the team will cover the following topics:

  • Why strength training needs to have a place in your training week
  • When and how does strength training fit in?
  • The scientific research behind strength training and its performance enhancing benefits for track athletes