The World's Highest Ultramarathon: Survival Guide

Five top tips to help you make it through a high altitude Ultramarathon, from Physiotherapist Michael Harrop.


Starting this week and running until the 14th August is La Ultra: The High’, considered to be one of the world’s top 10 toughest ultra-marathons. The events range in distances from 111km, 222km and 333km, with the latter crossing three 5300m mountain passes making it the worlds highest race. 

Situated around Ladakh, high in the Indian Himalayas, athletes face extreme temperature swings of ‑10 to +40 degrees Celsius with narrow roads, clouds of dust and risks of landslides. The race is set continuously over 72 hours with most participants sleeping 1 – 3 hours per night. Medical support is essential to reduce the risk of developing life threatening HAPE or HACE (High Altitude Pulmonary or Cerebral Oedema). 

Here are my top tips for making it through this and other high altitude Ultramarathons: 

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