Crossfit MOT

Tuesday 5 November 2019
6:00pm – 7:00pm

Loving the challenge of Crossfit and want to keep it up?

Looking to build on more regular classes but struggling with a problem that just won’t go away?

Tired of simply being told to avoid Crossfit just because of injury?

At our Chancery Lane Clinic we are hosting our Crossfit MOT where you can meet our fitness and injury specialists to discuss ongoing issues, refine techniques and continue your fitness journey.

Crossfit is challenging on the body and the constantly demanding stimulus requires a well-rounded physical capacity. Ignoring small problems and letting them accumulate, allowing the chain reaction of issues to spread from one joint to the next, can really hold your training back and lead to extended time away from the gym.

Cleaning, snatching, jumping and pull up variants are fantastic for conditioning, but technique can suffer under fatigue.

If you're noticing your shoulder is sore after pull ups or you're struggling with your back after a run of cleans, maybe you're concerned about your knees after landing awkwardly, it is likely technique is your culprit.

There is no question is too small to ask our specialists and no problem should simply be ignored if it is changing how you want to train.

A little proactivity goes a long way!

What to expect from our 60 minute Workshop:

  • Drop in sessions with Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning specialists
  • Practical advice from Practioners with Crossfit backgrounds to help bridge the gap between trainers and the medical community
  • This workshop is designed to suit all fitness levels; experienced athletes and those fresh to the game
  • Movement efficiency tips to optimise AMRAPS and key compound lifts
  • An opportunity to discuss any current injury concerns
  • Specialist advice on preventing injuries long-term

With a maximum of 12 attendees.


36 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1EN 
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