Research: Achilles Tendinopathy

This study aims to investigate the outcome of plantaris tendon excision and operative scraping in patients with midportion Achilles tendinopathy and suspected plantaris tendon involvement.

Achilles tendinopathy — do plantaris tendon removal and Achilles tendon scraping improve tendon structure? A prospective study using ultrasound tissue characterisation.

Lorenzo Masci, Christoph Spang, Hans T M van Schie, Håkan Alfredson, Christoph Spang, Hans T M van Schie, Håkan Alfredson

Excision of the plantaris tendon and scraping of the ventromedial Achilles tendon in chronic midportion tendinopathy seem to have the potential to improve tendon structure and reduce tendon pain. Studies on a larger group of patients and with a longer follow-up period are needed.