Introduction to Fitness

Get your new fitness régime off to the best start with a bespoke programme

Health Well Being And Performance Packages 4 Small

If you are looking to get started with exercise, or to see a real improvement in your fitness and performance; then this pack is the perfect way to begin.

In three sessions with our Strength & Conditioning Coach, you will be assessed, goals set, and be taken through a brand new 6-week programme.

Our S&C Coaches take every element of your current fitness and lifestyle into account, and create a programme that is completely unique to you. This is about getting you active, keeping you active, and improving your lifestyle.

This pack includes:

  1. Session 1 (initial assessment & goal setting) = 60 minutes
  2. Session 2 (new programme) = 60 minutes
  3. Session 3 (6-week follow up & review) = 60 minutes