Physiological Testing

Whether you are looking to improve your health, training for an event, or want to train and perform at a higher standard; this assessment highlights what is needed to allow you to get better.

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We provide full physiological assessments for people competing in all sports and activities, at all levels, from keen amateurs to potential Olympic medallists.

By assessing blood lactate thresholds we can establish training zones, for metrics such as power and speed, then as your numbers improve, we will update your training program. This allows us to develop a tailored training plan for your specific needs in order to reach your desired goal.

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What are the benefits? #

  • Assess your current fitness levels
  • Optimise training time using designated heart rate zones
  • Prescribe individualised training volume, intensity and recovery
  • Monitor your training progress

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What is included? #

  • Initial 90 minute consultation with a Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Physiological assessment & blood lactate testing
  • Full test analysis, report, blood lactate profile & identified heart rate training zones
  • Structured high performance training plan