Prehab (Preventive Rehabilitation)

Preventative rehabilitation (Prehab), is designed around your specific needs to ensure you perform at your best, without injury.

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You should treat your body like you would any brilliant machine. Bradley Wiggins wouldn’t wait for his tyres to completely deflate before he pumped them. Why wait for your body to falter? Prevent injury and keep moving.

Whether you’re a marathon runner, a gym-goer or part of your office 5‑a-side. Whatever you are doing, preventing pain and injury should be as important as improving your fitness and having fun. This is the role of an effective Prehab programme.

Prehab Pack: 3 sessions

1. You will receive a thorough musculoskeletal screening by a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor to identify any poor movement patterns, muscle tightness or weakness. This will take into account your medical history with an understanding of your exercise or training routine.

2. Based on your diagnosis, you are given a bespoke exercise programme designed to reduce stress on those parts, improve flexibility and to strengthen specific muscles.

3. After 12 weeks, together we will review your process to assess changes in movement patterns and progress as required to optimise performance and prevent injury

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*Prices vary at our Raynes Park clinic