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What are the most common injuries in cycling?

Explore common cycling injuries and find out how a Bike Fit Assessment can improve your cycling setup and guarantee an enjoyable ride on road or trail.

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Walking

Explore the daily health perks of walking, lose weight, and boost your overall wellbeing. At Pure Sports Medicine, we’re here to help you in reaching your health goals.

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How to Train Around Your Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever felt a change in your energy levels whilst doing the same sport or activity from one week to the next? This could be down to your cycle. Find out how to optimise your training to work with your body.

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What is Osteopathy?

Find out more about osteopathy; what it is, when and why you might seek the help of an osteopath and what treatment might look like.

Recent Stories #

Anya Culling x HPL

Anya’s Story

See how professional Runner, Anya, got on with the Physiological Testing delivered by The Human Performance Lab at our St Paul’s clinic, to help direct her marathon training.

Geoff Houston Marathon

Geoff’s Story

10 days until the Houston Marathon, Geoff was concerned about making it around the 26.2mile event after having some trouble with his knee. He was quick to respond to his knee pain by seeking the help of our expert multidisciplinary team.