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Prevent Injury & Perform better: Strength for Endurance Athletes

Strength and Conditioning can allow you to not only perform better at endurance sports, like marathon running, but also help your body avoid injuries.

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Strength Training for a Longer Life — where to start?

Most people are looking to improve their health – but often don’t know where to start. This article is for those looking to maximise the health benefits of exercise, or for people of any age looking to get started.

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What are the benefits of strength training?

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Andy Page explains how everyone can benefit from weekly strength training.

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What is an Osteopath?

Have you ever wondered what an Osteopath is? Michael Stewart explains what they do and what you can expect from your first appointment.

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Common Sports Injuries and How To Treat Them

Sports Doctor Stephen Thompson provides advice and guidance on Sports Injuries.

Back Care Week

What is Chronic Back Pain?

Clinical Director & Physiotherapist, Claire Small explains the symptoms, treatment and causes of chronic back pain.

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Pain: Is It All In Your Head?

Osteopath Peter Horobin discusses the power of the brain when it comes to experiencing pain.

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What is a Foot Specialist (Podiatrist)

Perhaps you’ve been referred to a podiatrist, or just want to know more about how a foot specialist can help you. Find out more here.