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Compartment Pressure Testing (CPT) for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS)

Consultant in SEM, Dr Rick Seah explains CECS, an exercise-induced muscle and nerve condition which can effect muscles in the arms or legs, and how Compartment Pressure Testing can help.

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Knee Cap Pain: Everything you need to know

Dr Simon Lack and Dr Bradley Neal discuss the identification, causes and treatments of Knee Cap Pain following recent research in to this common complaint.

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Tibialis Posterior: Pain On The Inside Of The Ankle

If you have suffered with a building pain on the inside of your ankle, the tibialis posterior muscle that starts at the back of the tibia (shin bone) and travels along the inside of our ankle turning from muscle into tendon, can often be the cause of your ankle pain.

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Inflammatory Axial Spondyloarthropathy

Low back pain (LBP) accounts for almost 20% of the people coming in to see our Physiotherapy team. For most, LBP is self-limiting rather than disabling, though it often negatively affects many aspects of daily life.


Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Is structurally missing a meal a beneficial dietary tool or, just another fad diet? Expert Dietician Linia Patel explains if intermittent fasting would be right for you, and if so, what the benefits might be.

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Muscle Inhibition in Knee Pain

If an area is injured or inflamed the muscles around it can likely switch off’ leading to other muscles and areas having to work harder to compensate. We discuss this in relation to the knee, the signs, symptoms and appropriate treatment.

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What Are The Possible Implications Of Lockdown On Risk Of Injury?

In this blog Specialist Physiotherapist James Lee looks at the lessons we can take from the return to elite sport; and apply to our own return to activity.

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Premier League Football Returns

Premier League Football is due back on our screens tonight. In this blog, Specialist Physiotherapist James Lee, explores the potential for injury during the last games of the season and what we can learn from the German Bundesliga.