6 Symptoms of Endometriosis You Need To Know

This Endometriosis Awareness Month, Dr Sarah Rollins explains 6 common symptoms associated with Endometriosis that everyone should know.

Chronic Pain #

This can include painful periods, pain during ovulation, during an internal examination, during or after sex, or pain in the pelvis.

Fatigue / lack of energy #

You can experience low energy levels that can make taking part in your usual activities challenging.

Depression / isolation #

In some cases people report feelings of depression because their physical symptoms restrict them from their usual actives, which can lead to periods of isolation.

Problems with sex life & relationships #

Due to the potential pain experienced when having penetrative sex, or the feelings of depression, some people can experience a low sex drive, or worry related to sex, which can sometimes have an impact on a couple’s intimate relationship.

Difficulties conceiving #

It is possible for endometriosis to impact people’s natural ability conceive which, for those who want to have biological children, can cause emotional distress, or a feeling of broken’ or damaged’.

Difficulty keeping up with work & social commitments #

The symptoms of endometriosis can impact a person’s social and work life by decreasing their energy levels, which can link to focus and reliability. It can feel like fighting an invisible enemy which can be very tiring.

help is available #

This blog isn’t here to insight fear, but rather offer information everyone should have access to. If you suspect you have endometriosis, we recommend seeing a healthcare professional for an assessment. If you are living with endometriosis and would like advice on dealing with the pain in order to live an active life, we can assist you to create a helpful programme around your lifestyle and symptoms.