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Concussion in Snow Sports

In this blog we’re going to provide you with two perspectives on concussion in snow sports from Lawrence Sonvico, lead physio for GB Snow Sports and Theo Farley, Senior physiotherapist at the English Institute of Sport and Pure Sports Medicine concussion service.

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Snap, Crackle and Pop! Top 5 Likely Rugby Injuries

What are the most common injuries sustained in Rugby? This blog discusses the 5 most likely injuries to experience for rugby players, and what treatment to seek during recovery.

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What is the Concussion Clinic?

Worried you might have concussion or keen to learn more about the condition? Our concussion team explain all here.

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The 5th international conference on concussion in sport: What’s new?

Physiotherapist Theo Farley shares highlights from the first half of the consensus statement for the 5th international conference on concussion in sport held in Berlin,

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Concussion to Dementia: Fact or Fiction?

In this week’s Concussion Blog, Physiotherapist Theo Farley explores the links between concussion and dementia.

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Predicting recovery time following concussion: are we any closer?

This week, Theo Farley discusses whether there are objective signs available to help us to predict recovery time following concussion.

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Persistent symptoms post concussion: Are we misdiagnosing post-traumatic migraines as concussions?

During this blog, Physiotherapist Theo Farley investigates the difference between post-traumatic migraines and concussion.

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The effects of concussion on the sensorimotor system: overlapping pathologies.

This week, Physio Theo Farley discusses the effects of concussion on the sensorimotor system.