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Persistent symptoms post concussion: Are we misdiagnosing post-traumatic migraines as concussions?

During this blog, Physiotherapist Theo Farley investigates the difference between post-traumatic migraines and concussion.

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The effects of concussion on the sensorimotor system: overlapping pathologies.

This week, Physio Theo Farley discusses the effects of concussion on the sensorimotor system.

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The effects of concussion on central and peripheral vision reaction times

This week, Theo Farley explores the effects on central and peripheral vision reaction times of patients with visual disturbances post concussion.

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Can we use functional and metabolic imaging to diagnose concussion?

This week, Physiotherapist Theo Farley explores imaging modalities in the diagnosis of concussion.

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Concussion prevention through strengthening, can it work?

This week, Theo Farley explores the benefits of neck strengthening and stability in preventing concussion.

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The Concussion Blog — How much is the cervical spine contributing to symptoms?

In concussion, how we can differentiate between symptoms arising from the cervical spine, the brain and the vestibular and oculomotor systems?

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The Concussion Blog — The importance of an active recovery following concussion

In his second in the series, Theo Farley discusses the impact of exercise in the initial recovery phase of concussion.

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The concussion blog — How do we best diagnose concussion using vestibular and ocular-motor tests?

Welcome to the first of Theo Farley’s series of blogs on concussion management in the sporting context.