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4 Root Causes of Low Mood and Depression

Nutritionist Dr Marc Bubbs explains how your diet choices can positively and negatively affect your mental health.

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Why Sunshine Is Important

In this article Clinical Director, Claire Small discusses sunshine and the importance of vitamin D.

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6 Tips to Increase Longevity

Our expert Nutritionist Marc Bubbs, gives you 6 tips to help increase your healthspan’ through diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

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Eat Your Way to the Finish Line: Marathon Training

Physiotherapist Neil Smith’s monthly article to guide your Marathon training. This month he talks to dietician Sharmain Davis about fuelling your body during training.

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What are Stress Fractures?

What are stress fractures, how are they caused, diagnosed and managed? Our Sports Doctor, Physiotherapist and Dietitian discuss.

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PSM Interviews: Linia Patel

In the second of our PSM Interviews, Paul Welford speaks to Dietitian Linia Patel

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Food for Thought

Ever wondered if the food you eat affects how well your brain works? Well, time and time again science has shown that it does.

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Rise, Shine, Exercise and Burn More Fat?

Can exercising first thing in the morning help to burn more fat? Our Dietitian helps to answer this common question, icluding three practical ways to incorporate train low into your workouts.