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Stress: The good, the bad and the really bad

Our Physio, Pilates and Soft Tissue team come together to discuss the effects stress can have on our bodies, and the tools and techniques to help manage it.

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What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

You may have heard of sports massage but in this article Laura Dalby tells us more about Soft Tissue Therapy.

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Preventing Marathon Injuries with Soft Tissue Therapy

It’s nearly marathon time and with runs getting longer, it’s time to take care of your soft tissue.

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How Soft Tissue Therapy Can Help The Pain’ of Football Training

Soft Tissue Therapist Chris Elliot & Physio Ed Clarke join together to explain how Soft Tissue Therapy can help speed up recovery when training.

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Restless Legs Syndrome

Soft Tissue Therapist Shaun Gilmore discusses the symptoms, causes and management of Restless Legs Syndrome.

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Train like a Tour De France competitor: The benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy & Physiotherapy

Soft Tissue Therapist Rebecca Ryan and Physio Bryan McCullough discuss typical injuries suffered by Tour athletes and how to prevent them.

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Soft Tissue Therapy for IRONMAN Preparation

Massage Therapist Elissa Millhouse explains why Soft Tissue Therapy is an important part of IRONMAN preparation.

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Soft Tissue Therapy for Scar Tissue

Head of Soft Tissue Therapy, Rachael Giordani explains how scars can be effectively treated using Soft Tissue Therapy.