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Mental Health Awareness Week: Checking in with Ourselves & Others

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is kindness. Due to the current environment, Physiotherapist Cameron Siandri explians why it is more important than ever to check in with others, but to also show yourself kindness.

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Research: Low Back Pain Infographic

Low back pain is one of the most frequent problems that the team at PSM treat. This infographic will show you the latest evidence surrounding the assessment and treatment of this common problem

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Back Pain 2.0

Clinical Director, Claire Small, helps to dispel common myths around back pain causes and cures. Highlighting the urgent need for consistent and evidence-based information to be taught to medical professionals and the general public.

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How Runners can Reduce the Risk of Stress Fractures

Running has many health benefits; however, there are risks associated with increased loads on the body. One type of injury that may arise is the stress fracture, so how can you reduce your risk?

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Foam Rolling: What is it and what are the benefits?

Physiotherapist Lisa Posnett explains the benefits of foam rolling with the why, how and when you should use them. Including a demonstration of foam roller exercises you can try and home.

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Recovering from Coronavirus: Breathing Exercises

Clinical Director Claire Small, shares why breathing exercises can be a useful tool to aid recovery from Coronavirus.

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Working from Home: Hints & Habits

In recent weeks, many of us went from commuting into an office environment to converting our dining tables into offices and classrooms. No-one had time to prepare for such a dramatic change, so here are our top eight tips to help you adapt to this new way of working.

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That Ankle Sprain will be fine! Will It?

Ankle sprains are a common injury, for which you might think that after a bit of rest, it will resolve itself. Physiotherapist Stephen Armstrong explains why these injuries shouldn’t be overlooked.