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How Pilates Can Boost Your Marathon Training

Did you know that Pilates can improve your running and prevent, and help you recover from, injuries? You might be thinking how is that possible?” Well, we explain all in our expert-approved blog.

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Love your bones, know your risk: Osteoporosis, Breaks & Fractures

Our bones do a lot for us, so its time to give them some care and attention. You might know how to take care of your gut health or your muscles, but how do you know if your bones are healthy? Get expert advice and tips on how to prevent osteoporosis and broken bones.

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Spring Into Pilates

Whether you are looking for a flatter stomach, tight glutes, shapely arms and legs or just to lose weight & feel energized, Pilates can help you achieve it.

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Pilates During Pregnancy

Is it okay to do pilates while pregnant? Our Pilates instructor talks about the benefits, and some of the areas to focus on.