Exercises To Help Relieve Stress

Pilates Instructor, Lauren McDonald talks us through x5 exercises she has used in the past to help combat stress.

Here we demonstrate how Pilates can have a positive and calming effect, as focusing on flowing movement and breath can help you to be more present.

If you are currently experiencing stress, maybe from work or elsewhere, Pilates may be a great shout in order to relieve some of that tension and tightness built up by stress.

Although these are a good example of what Pilates can do, our instructors cater all sessions to the specific needs of each and every person they treats. Therefore if you were to come in for an appointment, you may walk away with a different looking set of exercises for the best outcome for you.

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Soft Tissue Therapy and Stress

Soft Tissue Therapy has been found to be an effective treatment modality to help with stress management. Find out why.

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Stress: The good, the bad and the really bad

Find out what effects stress can have on our bodies, and some helpful tools and techniques to help manage it.

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The Mind-Body Connection; Exercise, Pain and Mental Health

We all know the benefits that physical activity can have on our bodies, but what effects does it have on our mental health?

Sleep is a legal performance enhancing drug 5

Sleep is a Legal Performance Enhancing Drug

If sleep was a tablet, all doctors would prescribe it.” See why our Physiotherapists advise sleep as part of their rehabilitation programmes.