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We have recently joined forces with Richard Tucker at The Human Performance Lab, who now offers Physiological Testing at our St Pauls Clinic. Find out more about how his services work within our multidisciplinary team (MDT).

We’re pleased to welcome Richard Tucker, Founder and Director of The Human Performance Lab, to the PSM family.

Richard is an Exercise Physiologist and Performance Nutritionist who has a very successful background working in professional sport with a range of clientele.

Utilising the very latest in health and performance technology, Richard helps you to understand your unique physiology and metabolism in greater detail, ensuring that you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. 

The combination of expertise, knowledge and experience transcends into the support offered by The Human Performance Lab (HPL) as you are given the tools and knowledge required to optimise your health and enhance your skills. Whether you are an aspiring professional athlete wanting to take your performance to a higher level or a busy working parent wanting to lose body fat and enhance energy, The HPL can help you achieve your goals. 

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Physiological Testing Services #

We provide a number of advanced physiological assessments which include:

  • Resting Metabolic Rate and Fuel Utilisation: Learn how to fuel accordingly for both health and exercise performance by having your resting metabolic rate assessed. This test will provide you with an accurate assessment of how many kcals your body requires, how efficient you are at burning fat and how dependent you are on carbohydrates to provide you with energy. Whether your goal is weight related or performance driven, this assessment is essential to test and not guess. 
  • Body Composition Assessment: If you have a weight management or body composition goal, monitoring and tracking your body composition is essential to closely track progress. Our accurate, quick and non-invasive method will accurately measure body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, hydration status and more. 
  • V02max: How aerobically fit are you? V02max is the gold standard measurement of aerobic fitness and from this assessment which can be performed on our Woodway Treadmill or Wattbike Atom X Cycle Ergometer. We can provide you with a detailed assessment of aerobic fitness, speed, power and heart rate training zones. The test will also identify key ventilatory thresholds that allow for very precise and individualised training program design. We believe that it is not always about training harder, but training smarter and a V02max assessment can provide you with the necessary information required to train more precisely. 
  • Lactate Threshold: Lactate Threshold testing can be performed to determine an appropriate training intensity and monitor progression in athletes of all levels and abilities. Similar to a VO2max test, it requires a small blood sample to be taken from the ear lobe or finger after each incremental 4 to 5 minute stage. The assessment will identify the highest intensity at which you can operate before hitting a wall” from high levels of blood lactate.
  • FATmax: A FATmax assessment will provide a detailed assessment of your ability to burn fat during a range of exercise intensities. Performed on either a treadmill or cycle ergometer, this assessment will allow for the precise measurement of your metabolism during exercise. If you are an endurance athlete and you wish to become better at burning fat and less reliant on carbohydrates at lower exercise intensities then a FATmax assessment is essential for you. We can then provide you with the right fuelling strategy to help improve this.
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis: The Human Performance Lab have teamed up with GC Biosciences who provide advanced blood chemistry analysis that can identify any deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals or hormones that are essential for optimal health and performance. We also provide Food Intolerance testing that can be used to identify specific food groups that may not be suitable for your health or performance.
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How does this fit in with the MDT at PSM? #

If you are currently receiving treatment at any of our clinics and are interested in Richard’s services, simply speak with your treating clinician who can work with Richard directly to enhance your rehab or fitness programme. 

Our team may also refer you on to Richard if they believe your treatment or programme would benefit from any of his services. 

If your initial appointment is with Richard, then once your tests are complete, he will refer you on to a member of our team to begin a structured management plan from his findings.

How do I implement the findings? #

We always strive to find the most efficient route to recovery and Physiological Testing can help to direct your treatment. Once you have your results from Richard, a member of our clinical team can work with you to implement the findings into a bespoke training or rehabilitation programme.

It is likely that you will work with a member of the Strength and Conditioning team alongside Richard, as our fully accredited Coaches are experts at creating training plans to achieve the best results for each individual.

Along with providing physiological testing, Richard is also as a Nutrition and Exercise Consultant. Due to his knowledge in this area he can also assess whether input from this discipline would further benefit your training. From there our Diet and Nutrition team are on hand and ready to support you in order to achieve your personal goals.

If you would like more information or would like to book an appointment, please complete the form below.