Pilates During Pregnancy

Is it okay to do pilates while pregnant? Our Pilates instructor talks about the benefits, and some of the areas to focus on.

A question I get a lot is is it safe to do Pilates while I’m pregnant?” and my answer is Absolutely!”.

It is recommended that you should not start any new physical activities during your first trimester, so if you did something before you were pregnant you can keep doing it. However, with that being said, I have had numerous patients start Pilates after they’ve found out they are pregnant. 

I personally recommend that if you have not done Pilates in the past, it is definitely good to start with 1:1 sessions with an instructor who is experienced in anti-natal Pilates. This way the exercises are supportive and targeted to the mummy-to-be’s individual needs. With my pregnant patients there are a few things I like to concentrate on:

  • Learning to breath
  • Bringing awareness to pelvic floor
  • Supporting the back
  • Making room for the baby
  • Keeping mum-to be, and her heart, strong

As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, so will the focus of the session. Pilates during pregnancy can help put you in touch with your body while keeping you fit and prepared for delivery. It also helps to improve back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, balance, fatigue and overall mood. Because the 1:1 sessions can be modified to you individual needs the session can adapt and accommodate the bodies’ perpetual changes during pregnancy.