Six Techniques to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions we see. Here are six exercises you can do to relieve pain at home.

Lower Back pain is very common. Here at Pure Sports Medicine it is one of the most popular complaints we see. While treatment is helpful in resolving the pain rapidly when having acute symptoms, the real secret to a good long-term solution is having techniques you can implement yourself to prevent and relieve pain. 

Soft Tissue Therapist Lauren Forsyth, has put together 6 helpful ways to keep your back happy.


Being Active is the key, especially if you are doing a job that is largely sedentary. While considerable amounts of exercise can come with the risk of injury in general regular amounts to improve muscle strength and endurance of the trunk and pelvis will help resolve much of back pain.

Box Squats

  • Improves pelvic stability and endurance
  • Helps with mobility around hips and pelvis
  • Advanced — Promotes balance and lumbar pelvic control

Tip — Have your hands out in front of you or cross over your chest for more of a balance challenge, Bending at the knees and hip as if you were sitting down

Bird Dog

  • Improves pelvic and trunk endurance
  • Promotes muscle control around the spine
  • (Advanced Version) Improves trunk and pelvic co-ordination and balance

Tip — Imagin balancing a cup of tea on your buttocks and you don’t want to spill it while lifting opposite arm and leg off the floor.

Side Plank

  • Improves trunk strength and endurance
  • Advanced – Improves pelvic endurance

Tip – Start with Elbow 90 shoulder 90, knees bent and 45 in front from the pelvis

Hinge at the hip and lift the top leg off while maintaining the side plank

Trigger point Therapy at home #

Using a trigger point ball and/​or a foam roller can be helpful when trying to reduce back pain. Below we’ve outlined a few exercises you can do from home. If you don’t have a trigger ball, try using a tennis ball instead. 

Foam rolling:

Upper back- Foam roll upper back for 1 minute

Trigger point ball — Upper back:

Upper back/​neck pain- Place the TP ball upper back- 2 exercises, 10 reps of each

Trigger point ball — Lower back :

Lower back/​sciatica/​hip pain- Place TP ball in glutes slightly high and outside of the glutes, then drop the knee out 20 time

For more information on how to relieve back pain, or to book an appointment with one of our Specialists, why not contact your nearest clinic.