Soft Tissue Therapy During Pregnancy

Soft Tissue Therapy can be very beneficial during pregnancy and in this blog, Soft Tissue Therapist Kerri Underdown explains why.

Whether you’re a first time mum or looking forward to the arrival of your second, third or forth off-spring; it is definitely worth including a regular soft tissue treatment during your pregnancy. Here’s why…

  • It’s time to take care of yourself and even if you and your body are coping well a soft tissue treatment is a specific time for you to relax and unwind
  • It’s an excellent preventative treatment to ease muscle tension and postural discomfort while your body is changing
  • A soft tissue treatment will help to regulate your hormone levels and reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • In later stage pregnancy you may suffer from swollen legs/​ankles — the treatment will help reduce the swelling by encouraging your body’s lymphatic drainage system
  • You can have a treatment though-out your pregnancy and we emphasis the need to have it earlier rather than later*
  • All our clinics have a pregnancy pillow which fully supports mum and baby and allows the client to lay face down. We will try different treatment positions to ensure you and your baby are comfortable. This can include seated and laying on your side
  • We are supported by a great team so if you start to get any symptoms that are not easing we can refer you to a physiotherapist, doctor, osteopath or other appropriate specialist
  • After you’ve had your baby and the midwife/​GP has discharged you a follow up soft tissue treatment will help you to avoid backache from breast feeding and carrying your new-born
  • And if you’ve had a caesarean section, once the scar has healed some specific work along and around the scar will reduce scaring and improve tissue health and movement
  • Our main aim is to prevent the onset of injuries and promote a healthy pregnancy in a relaxing and supportive environment

*We have experience treating client’s in their first, second and third trimester. We would recommend that if you have previously experienced problems in your first trimester that you wait until after your 12 week scan 

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