The Benefits of Personalised Training at Home

When time to exercise is limited and resources at home are low, it’s more important than ever to maximise your training with a truly personalised programme.

It’s highly unlikely that you drive the same model of car that your neighbour does or wear the same perfume as your best friend, but when it comes to exercise many people think that they will achieve effective results by doing the same programme as hundreds of other people.

I’m often asked about the benefits of this massage gadget or that piece of training equipment and my answer is always the same – you would be better off investing in small group classes in which you can receive specific guidance and individualised feedback or getting a personalised programme. Any programme or class that is not tailored to your level of fitness, your level of mobility and your level of strength is likely to be minimally effective.

In the same way that research is demonstrating that treatment for the vast majority of joint and muscle problems (could say musculoskeletal problems) needs to be individualised to deal with the large levels of variability that exist between human beings, similar results are being shown for fitness and injury prevention.

If lockdown and working from home are giving you aches and pains, or you feel that your levels of fitness or general sense of wellbeing have declined, you should consider investing in an individualised approach to your health and wellbeing. This is individualism worth investing in – with far greater long term results than a different haircut or a new perfume.

Why 1:1 Strength & Conditioning? #

Professional Strength and Conditioning advice should a key part of any exercise or training plan, whether looking to improve performance, address long standing problems, lose weight or even just incorporate exercise into your schedule.

The fitness industry is dominated by input:output approach in recent times — if i do 100 Burpees per week, i will lose 2kg in 6 weeks’, when we should be focusing on the why’ and the how’ rather than simply the what’ and when’; quality cannot be replaced by quantity, and an unsustainable approach, no matter how intense, will not be as effective as long term personalised development .

Speaking to a member of our Strength and Conditioning team, we can assess your physical condition and injury history, and give you an individually tailored programme , or direct you to a specific group environment, to progress you in a safe and effective way towards your goals.

Why 1:1 Pilates? #

Have you ever met anyone who moved exactly the same way you did ? Or whose body and dimensions were identical to yours?

Of course not, so why assume that the same generic exercises will get the same or optimal outcome for everybody. We need a baseline measurement in order to dovetail a tailored program getting you moving towards your specific goals.

This is why, if you are new to Pilates we request, you complete a 1:1 session first, then you can safely move into a group class. The 1:1 enables us to take a full case history and analyse your current movement patterns, weaknesses and needs.

The benefits of tailored small group exercise classes and programs far outweigh the gains from traditional circuit classes.

This is because we focus on the HOW, not the WHAT. With detailed feedback during movement execution, individualised by the practitioner conducting the class, we can change what you are feeling or how hard you are working, which will affect the overall outcome.

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