What is: an Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

Want to know more about our anti-gravity treadmill? Read about this great piece of kit and the benefits it can have.

The anti-gravity (Alter G) machine at our Bank clinic. #

The Alter G is an anti gravity treadmill and can be used instead of a regular treadmill for rehabilitation after bone and soft tissue related injuries. It is also a valuable rehabilitation tool after lower limb surgery. 

It can be beneficial for weight-loss programs and for those who need to reduce strain through weight bearing joints, for example: when training for long distance events. 

The function is based around a pressurized chamber, which you zip your lower body in to, allowing you to walk or run at pressures as low as 28% of your body weight. 

Following an assessment by one of our physiotherapists and appropriate instruction, the Alter G treadmill can be used on a pay as you go” basis and booked via our front desk or give the clinic a call.