Working at PSM: Clinical Manager

Find out what it’s like being part of the PSM Team; three of our Clinical Managers talk about their experience within their roles at their respective Clinics.

I took the role as Clinical Manager as I felt it was a position that best suited my skill sets. Putting me in a position to help support and influence clinicians’ careers across a number of professions. The role also still allows me to practice my clinical skills and work professionally within parts of the wider MDT. Facilitating communication with local consultants and other professions within the organisation. 

I enjoy the challenge of creating and maintaining the team dynamic/​environment and the personal development that ensues. The job by its very nature requires me to step outside of my comfort zone and allows me to develop my management and communication styles; helping to balance the needs of the organisation and each clinician on my team. 

Andrew Britton

Clinical Manager, PSM Bank Clinic

I am a Physiotherapist and the Clinical Manager at our Raynes Park clinic, although I have previously offered clinical hours at the Kensington clinic as well. So I’ve experienced working for PSM as both a Clinician, being part of a team, and as a Clinical Manager, leading a team. 

Currently, I manage an MDT of 15 clinicians all working under one roof. I work closely with our Practice Manager who runs the administration-side of the clinic. It’s a great role to bridge the gap from being a Physio into learning about how to manage a clinic.

I enjoy working closely with the individual development of each clinician — engaging with all the different personalities on a daily basis — but also finding ways to develop the clinic as a whole. Every day offers a different challenge, and overall so far I’ve loved my experience at PSM.

Pat Gillham

Clinical Manager, PSM Raynes Park Clinic

While the job title for this position is that of Clinical Manager, the role itself is very much one of leadership. Of course, there are the day-to-day management task to complete, for example, ensuring diary availability, managing annual leave or room planning, but alongside that comes the opportunity to lead a large multi-disciplinary team, within the best organisation in its sector. 

Clinical Managers have a responsibility to ensure organisational success on several levels, and the role allows a deep insight into the workings of a successful business. There is a strong support network alongside the role, from fellow Clinical Managers, immediate Line Management, all the way to the Clinical Director and CEO. We’re continuously looking to maintain and improve the service we provide, and there is an abundance of help at hand. 

Knowing your team is critical; both individually, and how they operate together. Being aware of what motivates them is key to creating a successful clinic. Personally I’ve found that the ability to influence the decision-making process and shape the way a complex clinic runs, is a big motivating factor and is a large part of why I enjoy the role. 

Of course there are challenges and hard work is expected, but when you see your efforts coming to fruition — from individual team member successes to creating a bustling clinic — it makes it very much worth it. 

Chris Whittle

Clinical Manager, PSM Moorgate Clinic

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