Alec’s Story

Alec tells us about his journey; from marathon injury to recuperation (and everything in-between).

When I ran the New York Marathon (the world's biggest) it was an amazing experience for me. Unfortunately, as well as collecting a large golden finisher's medal, I also picked up a back niggle - which turned out to be a herniated disc. 

The pain persisted and a friend recommended Pure Sports Medicine.

Luckily, I landed an appointment with Specialist Physiotherapist Lucy Tighe. "Hi, my name's Alec Lom," I said, feeling a bit nervous as I entered her Threadneedle Street consulting room. Lucy's first words to me in response startled me straightaway, "Right lower back, left shoulder?" she asked as I went to sit down. "I beg your pardon? Spot on! How did you know that?" I said. Lucy hadn't even examined me yet. "I can just tell," she said,"... from the way you walked in." Wow!

I'm now in my 50s and, over the years, it's been my misfortune to have visited quite a cast of physios, masseurs, GPs and assorted medical experts. Lucy, and Pure's professional team, have impressed me the most. 

After examining me thoroughly, Lucy set me a series of targeted exercises, which led to further rehab support from their Head of Sports Massage Sara Tomiuck and Massage Therapist Rebecca Syrocki. Both have both been brilliantly supportive, and effective at sorting my injury. Sessions often begin with the words: "I've read Lucy's latest observations on your progress." - which is just what you want to hear. 

It's always reassuring, isn't it, when the people treating you all have access to the same notes? At Pure they don’t say: “Ooh, err, we appear to have lost your notes,” like often happens elsewhere. They are very switched on and professional.

The final stages of my recuperation have involved Director of Performance Dean Sutton. I've trained in lots of gyms and sought advice from personal trainers aplenty, but Dean stands head and shoulders above the rest - not least because he works in tandem with the physios.

'Every move I make, under his beady-eyed supervision, is tailored towards the specific areas affected by my injury.'

Every move I make, under his beady-eyed supervision, is tailored towards the specific areas affected by my injury. His friendly, fun approach to strength and cardio sessions is always disciplined, but never in a sharp, military way (despite his Armed Services background)! I feel in very safe hands. 

Dean takes note of my progress at every visit and the gym (recently upgraded) is equipped with top-of-the-range exercise machines from Technogym. I do actually find it a pleasure to visit the clinic - just don’t tell Dean or he’ll ratchet up my work-out programme. 

Everyone at PSM, from the welcoming, smiling receptionists to the entire medical team, are friendly and they exude an air of quiet, confident professionalism that I find very reassuring.

Would I recommend Pure Sports Medicine to others? I already have. Ask my wife, who tore her Achilles' tendon. Ask my son, who needed rehab after major knee surgery. Both are very grateful to the Pure Sports Medicine team for getting them back on their feet

'Would I recommend Pure Sports Medicine to others? I already have.'

If you'd like to book an appointment with Pure Sports Medicine and see how we can help you achieve your goal's like Alec, book online or give your closest clinic a call. 

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