Cath's Story

Cath, a Masters Race Walker, was worried she’d have to give up the sport she loved after a recurrent hip injury. Here is how PSM got her back on her feet.

I have been asked on several occasions why I am so enthusiastic about Pure Sports Med; what treatment do they give; what do they do that is so different from anyone else? To answer the last question first: what they do WORKS.

About 3 – 4 years ago I was facing the prospect of having to give up the sport I love due to an ongoing, recurrent pain in my left hip. The usual patch and go” treatments of standard sports physios had failed to provide any lasting solutions and I just couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel to suggest I might be able to continue to compete. ( I am a Masters Race Walker, with a history of achieving medals at national and international levels).

As a last resort, really, as I lived about 2 hours north of London, I made contact with Pure Sports Med, where I met Jim Zouch, and the rest is history. I have just come back from the European Masters Indoor Champs in Madrid with a team silver medal and last year won 2 individual World bronzes in Australia.

What is different about the Pure approach is that it seeks to solve the problem of why injuries are occurring, not just ease them temporarily. So, Jim let me explain what had been going on, watched me walk, analysed my gait and style, identified weaknesses, and devised a series of focussed micro exercises aimed at rectifying the malfunctioning parts of my body that were resulting in the pain and loss of form.

I know Jim spent a good bit of time researching race walking and investigating the physiological demands of the sport. He also went on successfully to assist and treat Olympic walker Ian Richards, who has gone on to win many more medals and breakage group records.

This was no quick fix. I had to do the exercises consistently and stayed in constant touch with Jim via email to discuss progress and next steps. This has been a cumulative process: as one part has strengthened we have moved on to the next, and I still visit for top up” sessions, leaving each one feeling positive and uplifted about my potential to continue to improve and to stay fit and competitive.

Up until my most recent visit ( for which I actually travelled 2000 miles as I have now relocated to Spain, but still think a trip back to visit Pure/​Jim is more than worth it) I had visited the Threadneedle Street clinic. This time Jim had relocated to the new clinic at Finsbury Square. Both locations are easily accessible from Liverpool Street station. They are bright, clean, and welcoming, well equipped, and the private consultation rooms are all named after successful sportspeople. I am just waiting for the one to be named after me.