Geoff's Story

10 days until the Houston Marathon, Geoff was concerned about making it around the 26.2mile event after having some trouble with his knee. He was quick to respond to his knee pain by seeking the help of our expert multidisciplinary team.

Geoff came to see Head of Rehab and Physiotherapist, Dawn Nunes, 10 days prior to taking on the Houston marathon, with a swollen and irritated knee.

After assessing Geoff’s knee, Dawn decided to employ the help of Sport, Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultant, Dr Dan Brooke in order to give Geoff the best chance of getting to the start line in 10 days, and more importantly, the finish line.

After the trouble with his knee, Geoff’s goals included, finishing the Houston Marathon alongside his daughter — this was her first Marathon event — and doing so whilst avoiding a personal worst / PW’ if possible.

Thanks to Dan’s quick expertise and Dawn’s advice and suggestions about kit, including footwear and compression tights, we are thrilled to say that Geoff made it around the Houston marathon along side his daughter within his target time!

Feeling the high’s of completing the Houston Marathon, Geoff had this to say: I am so grateful for your help, skill and advice, as I would not have done so without you.”

We’re so glad for you, Geoff, and pleased that we could play a part in your Marathon and running recovery journey.

A huge congratulations from the whole team!

Geoff marathon runner