Grace's Story

After snapping the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in both knees, professional Muay Thai fighter Grace Spicer was told she should never fight again. However with the advice and support from her Physio and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Grace was ready to step back into the ring.

During a professional Muay Thai fight in 2015, for England’s No 1 position, I snapped the ACL in my right knee. Until that point my boxing career was going from strength to strength, with 20 professional fights and 16 wins. The ACL injury was devastating for me and I was forced to have surgery if I was ever to fight again. My surgeon recommended Pure Sports Medicine for post operative rehab and for this I will be forever thankful. After 8 months of rehab and support from the team of Physios and Conditioning Coaches I was back to full fitness and back training.

I was feeling great and started fight camp for my first fight back. Unfortunately during fight camp, when I was sparring with my team, my left ACL Snapped. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like that was it, I’d never be able to fight again and achieve the dreams I had growing up. 

I had my second surgery in June 2016 with the same surgeon. This time however he suggested I should maybe think about changing paths and not fighting again. My motivation was at an all-time low. The Physios and Conditioning Coach at Pure Sports Medicine kept in contact with me the whole time seeing how I was; without their support it would have all been so much harder. They helped me when I was at a very low point and picked me back up, getting my head straight and back to where it needed to be. We took it step by step, as we did before; each week I’d come in to the clinic and work hard to progress as well as completing the at home exercise plan given to me by the team. 

It was hard work, but was worth it when I was told I could start training again! As nervous as I was, I signed my first fight back. 

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Muay Thai really is a mad sport (if you don’t know you can kick, punch, elbow and knee all without protection just a gumshield, yes I’m crazy) but I’ve always loved it. Every fighter gets nervous before a fight but I had never felt nerves like those I experienced at the comeback fight. After all, it was over two years since I’d made that walk to the ring. Getting that pre-fight massage, the smell of the Thai oil, warming up hitting pads in the changing room, having all my supporters out there waiting, all felt so surreal as I’d dreamt of it for so long. Having my Physio and Conditioning Coach from Pure Sports Medicine come to my fight and being out the back with my coaches in the changing rooms meant a lot! 

Although I couldn’t help it, even with all the hard work I still had a little voice in my head saying should have I listened to the surgeon, was he right? 

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Well I can now say I’m glad I didn’t and stuck with the team at Pure Sports Medicine, not only did they help me physically get back and strengthen my body and knees but mentally they helped me get stronger too. Had I followed my surgeons advise I’m not sure where I would be now.

At the fight, the room was so loud with support and as my song kicked in when I walked out to the ring I remembered how it was all I had dreamt of when I was laying in bed with my knees bandaged up for all that time. 

I fought a brave Italian girl and it was a war! But, I got a clear and unanimous win! It’s a day I will never forget. That was the day I overcame more than two years of hurt to get back to where I belonged!

Since then I have fought a further 5 times and I’m currently in training for my next fight for a World Title in August. Pure Sports Medicine continue to support me now, believing in me as they have always done, and I am eternally grateful and proud to have them in my corner! 

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