Le's Story

After suffering an ACL rupture, Le worried he’d never be able to play Badminton again. But he wasn’t about to give up that easily. Le reached out to our Canary Wharf team and ACL rehab experts to find a path from surgery all the way back to the court.

Le Hoang was devastated to rupture the ACL in his Right knee after only 18 months since the ACL in his Left knee was torn and surgically repaired. A truly shattering reality for the one in five ACL rehabbers who sustain a second repeat injury on the same or opposite leg. 

Le was playing Badminton competitively three times per week and was frustrated to have this competitive outlet taken away from him for a second time. He underwent surgery again and got in touch with Physiotherapist, Andrew Goodall, for his specialist advice and treatment of ACL injuries. 

Andrew helped Le to walk like his normal self again, re-introduced Le’s ability to balance, activate his quads, manage pain and swelling and re-established fundamental movement patterns. Le and Andrew worked together on building a solid foundation of strength and built towards a staged return to running.

After some time, Andrew introduced Le to our Strength & Conditioning Coach, Finn Kenny. Finn and Le worked together to rebuild Le from where he is now to even stronger, quicker and more powerful than he was pre-injury.

Finn guided Le to gain strength, muscle mass, execute heavy lifts with power and implement advanced jump, hop and land tasks. Le got back running again, was changing direction quickly and with agility, and began a staged return to Badminton. 

Le could not be faulted as he committed fully to the process, complied completely with his training program and even found a gym and a space to run while on holiday in Japan!

It’s now been 3 months since Le has been back to Badminton and he has achieved his goal of playing as much as he likes without fear or apprehension. 

Le says he now feels free’ with his sports and ability to be active, a feeling many ACL rehabbers struggle to regain post-injury. Le is back better than he was before and we wish him all the best as he enjoys being physically active and prepares to get married in a couple of months. 

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ACL Injuries, Rehab & Recovery #

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important structure inside the knee that connects your thigh and shin bone and provides passive stability.

Click the link below to learn more about ACL injuries, rehab and returning to sport and activity following treatment. 


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