Max's Story

Max explains his journey from being a 10km runner to becoming a 100km event runner. Find out how he managed to compete in spite a set-back 4 weeks before race day.

Last year my friend Elliot convinced me to join him on a trail run challenge. El Cruce Argentina is a 3‑day 100km trail run across the Andes. It covers about 4500m of elevation gain and running on surfaces from sand to snow, forest, rocks and knee-deep water. Neither Elliot nor I are experienced runners — the longest we had ever run was a 10km run.

We got to work with a training plan, ran about 20 – 30km / week and started a gym routine. It wasn’t very long until my knees started giving me issues. Dr Simon Lack helped me with exercises aimed at strengthening my support muscles which allowed me to continue with my training plan. 

I had more issues with my knees down the line — I am not a typical runner’s build: very tall and slender, high centre of gravity. Simon gave me confidence throughout my journey, stressing that I am young & healthy. 

He gave me great tips on reducing the inflammation and said I should go ahead with the run despite a set-back 4 weeks prior to the race. 

I followed his advice and flew to Argentina. It wasn’t easy and I had my issues but I am glad to say I finished it. I would not have done it without Simon’s support. Thank you Simon!

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