Nicola's Story

Nicola has enjoyed an injury free life for two years now. Read Nicola’s incredible story about how she overcame every hurdle to achieve all of her rehabilitation and fitness goals with the help of both S&C and Pilates.

Meet Nicola Edgell who last year achieved her rehabillitation and fitness goals! 

She has been attending the 50/50 Strength & Conditioning and Pilates class, since it’s beginning, at our Bank Clinic and, in her own words, this is what she has achieved:

After 2 years I have; 

  • kept injury fee 
  • lost over a stone in weight 
  • become toned
  • become more energised 
  • can now sumo deadlift 45kg and reverse back squat 35kg 
  • run 7K comfortably under 50 minutes and keep up(ish) with my husband 
  • in 2019 won two major Golf Club Board Events Ladies Singles, Ladies Autumn Event, 201920 Winter Mixed (although due to lockdown we actually played our semi-final on the hottest day of the year!)

The reason that I came to Pure Sports Medicine’s 50/50 class was that I have always participated in sport; competitive swimming 20+ yrs, various gyms & classes, snow skiing and for the last few years mono water skiing/​wakeboarding, the odd game of golf/​tennis etc. and local Bootcamp. 

It was the Bootcamp where I was starting to pick up niggling minor twinges along with no real body changes so I gradually stopped going. 

So when in Jan/​Feb 2018 when I received the e‑mail promotion for the New 50/50 Classes I decided to join as I wanted to play more golf and become golf fit. I felt that the classes were the perfect size as even though it is a group class you still get that 1 – 1 experience. 

I was prepared for the strength and fitness part of the class but had no idea about Pilates I had friends/​colleagues say how wonderful it was but I just didn’t get it.

Well now I really do get it! How small movements can make you feel like you’ve done a major workout, along with feeling more relaxed and stretched, was completely new. 

After a year of weekly attendance, I started to see the benefits, which made me want to do more, so in March 2019 I started to include S&C 1 – 1 sessions in my training. At my first 1 – 1 session my S&C Coach asked what my overall goal was. I wanted to get back to real fitness and run with my husband, so along with the extra S&C, I started to run using the NHS couch to 5K

After 2 years of regular 50/50 classes and a year of 1 – 1’s I was back to a similar fitness as to when I swam competitively! 

When our lives changed in March of this year I was determined to continue with my fitness program and due to the continued support of all at PSM — who have done an amazing job — I have been able to still attend weekly 50/50 classes and 1 – 1 sessions via their virtual clinic.

My S&C Coach Cameron Lane, decided to returned to Australia this year. I was sad to see him go of course but Cameron did an excellent job of handing over my training plan to S&C Coach Andy Page. I know have bi-weekly 1 – 1 sessions with Andy and have continued to get stronger — I have even now got my husband attending the 50/50 classes and 1 – 1’s!

With the help of both Andy (S&C) and Pilates Instructor David Johnson — who is very patient — my husband, who has an 8 golf Hcp, has had to re-adjust his golf game as he has become a lot stronger.

Unfortunately at the end of 2019 with such a heavy golf schedule I sustained a shoulder injury but Physiotherapist Charlie Goodchild created a rehabilitation program in order to help me recover.

During lockdown I picked up a hand injury and with the help of Lauren Peacock and online physio, it is feeling a lot better and is now back to normal.

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