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Detraining Effects on Strength Characteristics

Lockdown saw gyms close and, apart from a lucky few, most won’t have had access to gym equipment. This time out from your usual program will have had an effect on your body and knowing how to adapt your training can be the difference between getting stronger and injury.

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Return to Play; Post Lockdown and Beyond

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to adapt. We did it when lockdown began in March and we will continue to do it as lockdown eases. Whether you have a specific fitness goal or have pain in your day to day life, getting back to normal’ isn’t going to happen overnight.


Prevention is the Best Medicine: Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle & COVID-19

Nutritionist Marc Bubbs discusses the facts linking Covid-19 and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle to strengthen your immune system.


COVID-19 Rehabilitation

Even after mild cases of COVID-19, some people are describing periods of prolonged fatigue and reduced exercise tolerance after recovering from the viral infection. In these cases, expert management and rehabilitation is needed.

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Grace’s Story

After snapping the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in both knees, professional Muay Thai fighter Grace Spicer was told she should never fight again. However with the advice and support from her Physio and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Grace was ready to step back into the ring.

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Avoiding surgery with conservative care: Adam’s story

When Adam experienced a sharp pain in his ankle whilst playing football he thought it was game over. However, physiotherapy helped him recover and reach the goal. Read his story here.