Corporate Services

Supporting your team

Your staff are your most valuable assets, and like any athlete, if they aren’t feeling 100% physically, emotionally and mentally fit, they will be unable to perform to the best of their ability.

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They are your Corporate Athletes #

Extensive research has shown that continual high performance in a corporate world requires good physical health and well-being as a foundation. Injury and illness of any kind will affect your team’s ability to do their job.

Our aim is to keep your staff at work and their chosen activities stronger and more capable than before.

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Health & Well-being Consultancy #

Sports Medicine at the elite level can also be applied to the daily challenges of employees in their working environment. 

By sharing our knowledge and expertise in this area, we can provide businesses with a specialist consultancy service to create a comprehensive Health and Well-being Strategy.

This is an extensive and thorough process, using our holistic approach to determine any factors (great & small) that may be affecting your employees at work. This includes:

  • Health
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Nutritional Wellbeing
  • Musculoskeletal Wellbeing
  • Exercise and Performance
  • Education

For more information please contact Ed Guichard.

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Services we can offer #

  • Expert consultancy
  • Bespoke health & well-being strategy
  • On-site provision of a range of Health & Well-being services
  • Health & Well-being days
  • Educational presentations
  • Desk assessments & recommendations