Clinical Partners

Our clinical partners are here to support you on your treatment journey.

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Vald #

The creators of the ground-breaking ForceDecks and so much more. If you want to enhance your rehab with laser-focused insight on your body and what could be impacting your recovery, Vald have a range of solutions.

Rock Tape 1

Rocktape #

When your body needs that extra support, Rocktape can make a vital difference. Whether you’re looking for support to enhance performance or aid in recovery, Rocktape offer a wide range of innovative products.

Puresport Medicine Fitlegs

G&N Fitlegs #

Fitlegs sports and recovery compression socks are the perfect solution for individuals who are seeking to improve their recovery process and reduce muscle fatigue. The graduated compression profile increases blood circulation which helps oxygenate the muscles and stimulate the recovery process. When worn throughout the day, Fitlegs help to relieve tired, achy and swollen legs.

What’s more, as a patient of ours you get an exclusive 15% off your entire order using the code PURE15 with no limits on usage.

Hytro image 2

Hytro #

Prepare, train, and recover like never before with Hytro’s scientifically proven Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) wearables, the first of their kind.

With BFR you are able to drive blood into the joints and muscles to better prepare the body for exercise, improve performance during exercise, and enhance recovery after exercise. But with Hytro’s unique products, BFR training couldn’t be simpler, and you even get 15% off as a Pure patient with the code PURE15.

Ossur image 1

Ossur #

Devoted to improving people’s mobility, Ossur provide our patients with limb support for everyday movement and function, together with allowing them to maintain activities they love. Whether undergoing rehabilitation or managing a chronic condition, Ossur offer a range of innovative solutions to maximise movement with stability and comfort.

Don Joy image 2 wakeboard snipped

Enovis #

Enovis is a specialist medical technology company driven by improving the outcomes of patients, and with their world-class medical standard DonJoy Knee Braces, they help our patients get back to the activities they love with specialist prescription and fitting provided by our expertly trained team.

MN033 A Clinical Partner Pure picture

femfit® #

Transform your pelvic floor health. Discover a healthier, stronger pelvic floor, and resolve urinary incontinence symptoms with femfit®. 

Pure Sports Medicine can help you in clinic today and femfit® can help you at home tomorrow. 

Get 15% discount with code femfit+Pure

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The Clinic by Spotlight Health #

As the first of its kind in the UK, the Clinic by Spotlight Health (previously known as The Mobile Diagnostic Clinic) aims to rapidly diagnose or exclude cancer through comprehensive health checks for anyone with vague symptoms. With a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists, they are on-hand to review results quickly. And as a Pure patient, you get 10% off.