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Find out everything you need to know about cycling. From buying the right bike, to fitting it, to event training, our experts can help you get the most out of cycling.

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Cycling is a hugely popular activity, and with the associated health benefits it’s no surprise why. Being a mode of transport as well as a sport, cycling appeals to a wide range of people.

This hub is for cycling lovers of all stages, whether you’re looking to buy your first bike, or getting ready for an endurance race, we have tips, advice and an expert team of clinicians to help you get the most out of you bike and your body.

Our Bike Fitters, and wider team, are all keen cyclists, triathletes and Ironman champions themselves, so you know they know what they’re talking about!

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Whether you’re getting into cycling as a beginner, upgrading your bike or just a regular rider, your bike fit needs to be spot on to be comfortable and get the most out of your cycling. A bike fit will help you to find your best position for performance and help you avoid any injuries. We offer insight and advice into what a bike fit is and how to select the right bike.

You can of course buy a bike and start cycling without one, however skipping this step increases your chances of developing problems when you begin to up the miles. Click the link below to read more about how to select the right bike for you and more information on bike fitting. 

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Cycling Injuries and Rehabilitation #

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Knee Pain in Cycling

Knee pain is common in cyclists and is often the reason for missed training days if left untreated. Find out how the pros avoid these common injuries with tips from our experts, plus get advice on how to manage these types of injuries when they crop up!

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Is the Bike to Blame for My Lower Back Pain?

Prolonged periods of sitting have been linked with musculoskeletal dysfunction, especially low back pain. Both sitting and cycling demand this position, so what can be done to prevent it?

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Is Your Road Bike Causing Upper Limb Pain?

In this blog we highlight the usual suspects of neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain in cyclists. Discover the common signs to look for and expert-recommended changes you can make to resolve them.

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What is a Bike Fit, and Do I Need One?

The common question on all cyclists’ lips. A bike fit, or Clinical Cycling Analysis, could take your love of cycling from a 5 to a 10. Your set up should be as individual as you are if you want to get the most of out cycling and avoid picking up any injuries along the way.

Triathlons and Long Distance Races #

Chris and Andy Ironman

Why We Love Triathlons

Physiotherapist, Chris Beckmans, and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Andy Page, can’t get enough of Triathlons and Ironman challenges. Find our why they love this sport, what they’ve learned from their experiences and what they’re aiming for next.

Alex Townsend Ironman 6

5 things to know when taking on an Ironman

Podiatrist, Alex Townsend, was taught five key lessons when taking on his first Ironman, and here he shares his insight to help you get a headstart should you be doing the same.

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How To Train like a Professional Cyclist

Just because you’re not a professional cyclist doesn’t mean you can’t train like one. In this blog our experts discuss typical injuries suffered by cyclists and the top three things you can do to prevent them.

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Top Tips You Should Read Before Signing up to Ironman

Thinking of signing up for an Ironman, Half Ironman, or Triathlon? Strength and Conditioning Coach, Andy Page, answers your FAQs.

Cycling-specific Strength Training #

Indoor cycling 2

Indoor Cycling

Physiotherapist, Clinical Bike Fitter and cycling enthusiast, Harriet Kefford, takes a break from her road bike to discuss indoor cycling as more and more people are seemingly catching the bug for this adrenaline pumping, social sport.

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How to get the most out of cycling in Winter

With darker mornings and rainy days it can be hard to stay motivated when it comes to cycling. Read this blog for winter bike tips indoors and outdoors.

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Top Five Off-The-Bike Flexibility Exercises

We share our top 5 stretching exercises to help cyclists increase flexibility and reduce your risk of injury.

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Preparing for a Cycling Race and Knowing When to Rest

You’re almost ready for the upcoming race and raring to go. But is it a good idea to keep pushing yourself in the lead-up, only to find yourself unwell or injured at the start line? We offer some guidance around when it’s best to take a rest from training.

FAQs #

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Clinical Manager and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Andy Page, answers some of the most commonly asked, Ironman-related, questions we get asked in clinic, including:

  • How do I get started?
  • Which event should I do first?
  • How often should I train?
  • Should I be thinking about nutrition?
  • and more…

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