An archive of articles and information written by our clinicians.

Corticosteroid Injections FAQs

Corticosteroid injections are commonly used to treat joint and soft tissue problems by reducing pain and inflammation. See our most frequently asked questions about this form of treatment with answers from our Specialist Consultants.

What is: Shockwave Therapy?

Consultants in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Dr Anthony Waring explains what Shockwave Therapy is and when, and when not, to have this type of treatment.

What is: an Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

The anti-gravity (Alter G) treadmill is a fantastic tool to integrate within physiotherapy rehabilitation.

When to See: The Concussion Clinic

This clinic offers access to skilled adult & paediatric healthcare professionals. It’s coordinated by a group of clinicians experienced in the management of concussion and its associated conditions.

Resources for GP’s

Our specialists have created a number of resources for GP’s to use in clinic when presented with musculoskeletal conditions.

Research: Low Back Pain & Spondylolysis

This research evaluates whether the one-legged hyperextension test can assist in the clinical detection of active spondylolysis.

Research: Hip Exercise Prescription & Knee Pain

Synthesis of the literature exploring the effects and mechanisms for hip focused rehabilitation exercise in individuals with front of knee pain.

Research: Lower Limb & Orthoses

Investigating how in-shoe foot orthoses immediately affect the movement of the hip and knee.

Private Medical Insurance Information

See which Insurance Companies can be billed directly and for which treatments.

Consultant Key Publications

Read the key publications of our Sport, Exercises and Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants here.

Patient Resources

Our team have collected a number of resources for patients and the public to provide useful information for any musculoskeletal conditions or support for your rehab.

Nail Surgery: Patient information and what to expect.

Nail surgery is the removal of all or part of the toenail. Read this patient information guide for information about the procedure, how it works and the costs involved.