Research: Lower Limb & Orthoses

Investigating the immediate effects of orthoses on the movement pattern of the lower limb in people with front of knee pain.

The immediate effects of foot orthoses on hip and knee kinematics and muscle activity during a functional step-up task in individuals with patellofemoral pain.

Simon Lack, Christian Barton, RogerWoledge, Markus Laupheimer, Dylan Morrissey 

Evidence shows that anti-pronating foot orthoses improve patellofemoral pain, but there is a paucity of evidence concerning mechanisms. We investigated the immediate effects of prefabricated foot orthoses on (i) hip and knee kinematics; (ii) electromyography variables of vastus medialis oblique, vastus lateralis and gluteus medius during a functional step-up task, and (iii) associated clinical measures.

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