A selection of the research and articles our clinicians have completed or are currently undertaking.

Resources for GP’s

Our specialists have created a number of resources for GP’s to use in clinic when presented with musculoskeletal conditions.

Research: Low Back Pain & Spondylolysis

This research evaluates whether the one-legged hyperextension test can assist in the clinical detection of active spondylolysis.

Research: Hip Exercise Prescription & Knee Pain

Synthesis of the literature exploring the effects and mechanisms for hip focused rehabilitation exercise in individuals with front of knee pain.

Research: Lower Limb & Orthoses

Investigating how in-shoe foot orthoses immediately affect the movement of the hip and knee.

Research: Lower Limb & Orthoses

Investigating the immediate effects of orthoses on the movement pattern of the lower limb in people with front of knee pain.

Research: Knee Pain (PFP)

Outcome Predictors for Conservative Patellofemoral Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Research: Lower Limb

This paper details the foot specific risk factors for certain lower limb problems, including runners knee and shin splints.

Research: Patellofemoral Joint

This paper details the risk factors for runners knee, summaries how people with the condition run and identifies key interventions that target these specific characteristics.