Physiological Performance & Health Assessments

Test, don’t guess, with The Human Performance Lab’s health assessments and data driven testing.

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Based at our St Paul’s clinic, the Human Performance Lab offer extensive performance and health assessments that can be individually tailored to each patients goals and designed to accelerate your results by providing you with a detailed assessment of your unique physiology and metabolism. 

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How do you know if you have got fitter, leaner or healthier if you do not test?

The Human Performance Lab believe that if you are not testing you are guessing and every performance or health goal should be measured and tracked objectively. 

Whether you are training for a marathon, wanting to lose weight and improve general health and wellness, The HPL’s advanced physiological performance and health assessments can help you by measuring the following: 

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Resting Metabolic Rate & Substrate Utilisation #

Understand how efficient your metabolism is by measuring your Resting Metabolic Rate. Your resting metabolic rate is the total amount of kcals your body burns whilst resting and is the largest contribution of total energy expenditure. 

Although it is possible to predict RMR, a measurement can often show large differences which could be the key reason why you might be struggling to lose weight or perform optimally. An RMR assessment also identifies how efficient your body is at burning fat; a marker of metabolic efficiency.

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Body Composition #

Excess body fat increases your risk of Type II diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, insulin resistance and Covid 19 and the weight you see on the scales might not show the full picture. You might be losing weight but are you losing body fat or are you losing muscle mass? 

Our body composition assessments measure lean muscle mass, total body fat, visceral fat and hydration status. Our assessments will provide a baseline and in combination with a structure nutrition and training program we can monitor how much body fat you lose and how muscle mass you gain. 

Are you interested in finding out your body’s data? 

Find out how the Human Performance Lab can help
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V02max & and Exercise Performance #

How fit are you and how do you know how much fitter you can become?

Our exercise performance tests will assess a number of key metrics that can be used to put a structured exercise in place that is 100% bespoke to you. Your V02max is commonly regarded as the gold standard measurement of aerobic fitness and increases in your V02max is strongly correlated with reductions of injury and disease risk. It is also a key performance indicator of endurance sports such as triathlons & marathon running. A V02max test will additionally provide you with targeted heart rate, speed (running) and power (cycling) zones allowing you to exercise and train with more precision. We will also identify key training thresholds that can highlight certain strengths and weaknesses and also your ability to burn fat across a range of exercise intensities. 

The Human Performance Lab can also arrange for full blood chemistry analysis that can highlight any hormone, vitamin or mineral imbalances. 

Pricing #

Advanced Physiological Health Assessment (120 mins), includes detailed report + 30 minute remote follow up consultation

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Testing & Training #

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Physiological Testing at Pure Sports Medicine

We have recently joined forces with Richard Tucker at The Human Performance Lab, who now offers Physiological Testing at our St Pauls Clinic. Find out more about how his services work within our multidisciplinary team (MDT).

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Locations #

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Our St Paul’s clinic occupies a prime location on the 1st floor of the One New Change development, convenient to Cannon Street, Mansion House and Blackfriars. Offering both face-to-face and remote consultations.

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