Advanced Practitioners

When your care requires specialist treatment and attention.

At Pure, we provide the highest of standards of care to our patients which includes offering access to the finest expertise across all specialist areas within our multidisciplinary team. As part of this, we’re delighted to offer a team of fully-accredited Advanced Practitioners, as recognised by Health Education England.

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What is an Advanced Practitioner? #

Advanced Practitioners are highly skilled clinicians, who have both extensive post-graduate education and many years of active clinical experience, often requiring significant financial investment by the individual clinician.

Defined by standards published by Health Education England, Advanced Practitioners are required to have completed a recognised MSc in Advanced Practice or meet the standards of MACP (Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) membership.

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When should I consider seeing an Advanced Practitioner? #

Generally speaking, whether you see an Advanced Practitioner or not is your choice as the patient. However, there may be occasions when we recommend that your treatment is delivered by an Advanced Practitioner due to its complexity and the specialist expertise that it requires.

Should you choose not to see an Advanced Practitioner after our recommendation, you can rest assured that your treatment will be overseen by the same standards and experience delivered by Advanced Practitioners due to the unique nature of the multidisciplinary team on offer at Pure Sports Medicine.

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Is an Advanced Practitioner more expensive? #

Pure Sports Medicine is fortunate to have a select group of Physiotherapists who meet these published standards and are now designated as Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners. From 1st April 2024, we will be introducing a new fee structure to reflect the expertise and training of these highly qualified individual clinicians. Further details can be found below.

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What if I am currently seeing an Advanced Practitioner? #

With these changes coming into effect from 1st April, anyone seeing an Advanced Practitioner before this date will continue to receive their treatment at the original fee until completing that episode of care.

Should you require further or future treatment, you will have the choice to either continue with your Advanced Practitioner or be referred to another clinician.


What if I have a change of circumstances during my treatment? #

We understand that this can happen which is why we work flexibly, session-by-session, to provide you with the care and support you need. If this means that you would like to change your clinician at any stage, we are able to accommodate this swiftly and smoothly thanks to our multidisciplinary team. All you need to do is make your treating clinician aware and we will identify the appropriate way forward for you whilst seamlessly transitioning you to another member of our team.

Our team of Advanced Practitioners #

Prices #

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner - initial (60 minutes)


Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner - follow-up (30 minutes)


Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner - follow-up (60 minutes)


Physiotherapy - initial (60 minutes)


Physiotherapy - follow-up (30 minutes)


Physiotherapy - follow-up (60 minutes)


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