Linia Patel

Sports Dietitian

Msc, Bsc, Bsc, IOC Dip

Clinical Interests

Bone Health, Osteoporosis, Performance Nutrition, Gastro-Intestinal Disorders, Weight Management, Nutrition

Sporting Interests

Boxing, Dance, Triathlon

Currently works as

Senior Clinical Associate at Corperformance; Corporate Wellness Dietitian at Mckinsey & Co, Boston Consultancy Group, Islington & Camden Health Promotion Strategist; Consultant Dietitian for Fitpro Magazine

Previously worked for

Kiperformance Performance Lab, UK (Premier League football clubs, Rugby Union players, England Cricket players and Formula-1 drivers); Sports Science Institute, South Africa

Other experience

Eating Disorders Dietitian, Specialist Obesity Management Dietitian & Specialist Diabetes Dietitian


Linia’s Clinics

Bank EC2R

Our clinic on Threadneedle Street, is conveniently placed with extended opening hours for all of our patients living and working in the city.

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+44 (0)203 595 1232

Canary Wharf E14

Our Canary Wharf clinic has state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive rehab and Pilates space. You will find us on level 2 of Cabot Place West, above the Tesco supermarket.

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+44 (0)203 595 1234

Linia’s Blog Posts

What are Stress Fractures?

What are stress fractures, how are they caused, diagnosed and managed? Our Sports Doctor, Physiotherapist and Dietitian discuss.

Your Marathon Nutrition Questions Answered

Dietitian Linia Patel answers common questions around Marathon and endurance nutrition.

7 ways to stay healthier this festive season

Dietitian Linia Patel shares her tips on managing your nutrition during the Christmas festivities.

Food for Thought

Ever wondered if the food you eat affects how well your brain works? Well, time and time again science has shown that it does.

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