Richard Skudder



Richard Skudder
Clinical Interests

Running Injuries, Back & Neck, Concussion, Neurological Issues, Migraine, Dizziness and Gait

Sporting Interests

Rugby, Running and Yoga

Currently Works At

Runs a Multidisciplinary Clinic in Brighton

Work Experience

Teaching Osteopathy in the UK & New Zealand

Other Experience

Dry Needling

Richard’s Clinics #

Kensington SW7

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our Kensington Clinic is currently closed (due to re-open on 6th July). We are now open for remote consultations only.

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020 3595 1231

Richard’s Blog Posts #

Concussionclinic Image2

What is the Concussion Clinic?

Worried you might have concussion or keen to learn more about the condition? Our concussion team explain all here.