Endocrinology & Diabetes

Our specialists in Endocrinology & Diabetes can help those experiencing issues relating to endocrine, hormonal, and metabolic conditions as well as diabetes diagnosis and management.


Endocrinology is the is the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine conditions relating to our hormones, which are the chemical messengers that travel through our bodies from cell to cell, and the glands which produce them, such as the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, gonads, and pituitary. 

Diabetes is a condition in which there are high blood glucose levels. resulting from reduced or ineffective levels of insulin, the hormone that keeps blood glucose levels in check. High blood glucose levels can cause short and longer-term problems for some people. Diabetes can be challenging and for individuals to manage and we will work tirelessly to support you to optimise your glucose levels and maintain your health and wellbeing. 

Our Endocrinology service is perfectly suited for people who are experiencing symptoms of, or have been diagnosed with, diabetes, endocrine, and metabolic conditions such as high cholesterol. 

Common symptoms of these types of conditions include fatigue, irregular periods, changes in vision, low libido, and unexplained change in weight or body shape. 

Our Endocrinologists will help you to confirm and diagnose any endocrine condition that may be causing your symptoms and determine the best course of treatment for you. 

The following prices apply to both face-to-face and telemedicine appointments:

In Clinic: Initial Consultation (40 mins)


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In Clinic: Follow-up consultations (20 mins) £225


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Diabetes & Exercise

We offer a digestible explanation of how glucose metabolism and exercise physiology work alongside one another, what diabetes is, what insulin does, and how all this affects your physical activity and exercise.

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St Paul’s EC4M

Our St Paul’s clinic occupies a prime location on the 1st floor of the One New Change development, convenient to Cannon Street, Mansion House and Blackfriars. Offering both face-to-face and remote consultations.

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