Are you Marathon ready?

We share 5 exercises to help determine if you’re Marathon ready.

With the Marathon deadline looming, training for most people has well and truly kicked into full gear. 

Most people, especially first timers, will be wondering what is it they need to do to ensure they are ready? The greatest concerns we see with many runners is failing to keep up with the pace of their intensive training programs and therefore injury prevention is key.

We have selected 5 of these tests for you to try yourself and determine if you are marathon ready.

Runningblog 1

HEEL RAISE: Stand on 1 leg with only your fingertips touching the wall for support. Smoothly raise your heel up and down at the rate of 1 repetition every 2 seconds

Runningblog 2

KNEE TO WALL: Foot flat and straight. Touch your knee to the wall. Move your toes back whilst maintaining knee contact and measure the final distance of your 1st toe from the wall

Runningblog 3

SINGLE LEG SQUAT: Stand on 1 leg and slowly squat down ensuring your foot is flat, knee is in good alignment and doesn’t turn inwards. Keep an upright body position

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HOP & HOLD: Start on 1 leg. Hop forward 1 metre landing on the same side. Try and stick your landing and maintain control for 2 seconds without assistance from your other foot

Runningblog 5

SINGLE LEG BRIDGE: Lie flat on your back. Lift your hips up as high as possible contracting your glutes. Keep your pelvis level

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Don’t forget that these tests only scratch the surface and other areas to consider are footwear, running technique, training load, recovery and nutrition. If you struggled with any of these tests or would like a much more in depth assessment, please come and visit us at one of our clinics. 

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