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Well-balanced nutrition provides you with a foundation for good health & wellbeing; it is essential in helping you reach your potential.

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During your first appointment, the Dietitian or Nutritionist will discuss your health history alongside your desired outcome or goals. This will include a review of your diet, digestion, sleep, exercise, supplementation or medication and any previous lab tests. They will also carry out a physical examination (specific to complaint) and a body composition assessment. 

Based on this information, and a combination of subjective and objective metrics, the Nutritionist will propose an individualised nutrition plan, a movement plan and lifestyle/​stress strategies. Your plan will be monitored, and you will be provided with specific coaching to help you stay focussed on achieving your goals. 

Sessions are currently being carried our via our Virtual Clinic.

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Our specialists can help you with the following: #

  • Sports nutrition
  • Assess & analyse dietary practices, body composition & energy balance
  • Weight management, hydration, immunity, travel, exercise training, competition, recovery from exercise & supplementation
  • Personalised meal plans to promote health & performance
  • How to achieve & maintain a level of body mass, body fat, & muscle mass that is consistent with good health & performance
  • Address challenges such as food allergies, bone mineral disturbances, gastrointestinal disturbances, iron depletion & iron-deficiency (anaemia)
  • Optimal nutrition for recovery from illness or injury
  • Collaborate with your coach or health professional to advise on appropriate nutrition practices (if appropriate)
  • Food selection & food preparation
  • Deliver nutrition education presentations & events on various topics

Initial Appointment (60 mins)


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