Running Assessment

Learn how to run further, faster and stronger with our detailed assessment that looks at all areas of your running.

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We have created a detailed and holistic assessment, for any and all runners, to look at all aspects of your running, your life, and your goals. We’ll advise you on how to direct your training to feel stronger and condition your body to run further or faster, depending on your personal goals. We want you to enjoy running for as long as possible, pain and injury free.

The session will also include shoe assessment, recovery strategies and nutritional advice. Scroll for more information, or watch our video below.

Running Assessment (90 mins)


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You will need to bring your run gear as well as all your running shoes — especially the old ones. We start with a subjective history of any injuries and medical history. We then go into detail about your work and training as well as recovery strategies including sleep and nutrition. Based on your run goals, advice will be given depending on what is found in the assessment to make a unique, tailored training plan and strength program.

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This assessment is for all runners. It looks at full body strength and where there may be imbalances which we can work on to make you a stronger, more efficient runner. We also look at how you run on the treadmill and do a video analysis and give advice on how to improve your running for efficiency. If you are struggling with an ongoing injury, we look for any factors which may be contributing to the injury and adapt your running style via small and manageable changes. There would be three or four key exercises, advice and one or two run drills to improve your performance depending on what is found in the assessment. This is sent to you in a summary report following the assessment.

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If you are injured and unable to run, we would recommend you first see a physiotherapist to address the injury. For the assessment, you will need to be able to run on the treadmill for a few minutes and it is most appropriate when you’re neither in pain or carrying an injury that is stopping you from running normally. 

The assessment is especially useful for runners who have recurring injuries which — despite rehabilitation intervention — seem to come back regularly. If you are wanting to improve your overall strength and form for running, or taking on a new distance and not sure how to start, this assessment can help.

The Running Assessment is done by passionate physiotherapists who are runners themselves and understand your needs. 

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