Dr John Etherington CBE

Medical Director & Consultant Rheumatologist


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Clinical Interests

Bone Health, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Exercise-based Rehabilitation, Rheumatology and Sero-negative Arthritis

Currently Works At

Medical Director and Consultant in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Medicine at Pure Sports Medicine

Work Experience

Armed Forces, as the Director of Defence Rehabilitation and Defence Consultant Advisor in Rheumatology, Rehabilitation and Sport and Exercise Medicine, NHS England as National Clinical Director for Rehabilitation and Clinical Director at the Defence Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court

Other Experience

Current President of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK and Master’s degree in Sports Medicine

John’s Clinics #

Moorgate EC2A

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our Moorgate Clinic is currently closed (due to re-open on 29th June). We are now open for remote consultations only.

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020 3595 1236

Canary Wharf E14

Our Canary Wharf clinic is located within Cabot Place in the centre of Canary Wharf, convenient to Greenwich and Blackheath. Offering both face-to-face and remote consultations.

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020 3595 1234

Virtual Clinic

Access our expert Sport, Exercise and Musculoskeletal Medicine services from anywhere in the UK.

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020 3595 1237

John’s Blog Posts #

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Calcium and Vitamin D: Implications for Social Distancing 

Although current restrictions make it more difficult to access the outdoors for our daily dose of Vitamin D, our Medical Director & Consultant Rheumatologist gives some advice on ways we can still achieve this.

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Covid-19 and Arthritis

Dr John Etherington, Medical Director & Consultant Rheumatologist, explores the links between the Covid-19 symptoms of joint and muscle pain, and the risk for those with Arthritis.

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New Service: Rheumatology

Our Medical Director introduces our new service: Rheumatology. We now offer appointments in our Canary Wharf and Moorgate Clinics.

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Managing Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints we see at Pure Sports Medicine so experts: Medical Director John Etherington and Physiotherapist Erin Lahay offer their advice on back pain, what to look for and what to do if you do experience it.