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What is a Foot Specialist (Podiatrist)

Perhaps you’ve been referred to a podiatrist, or just want to know more about how a foot specialist can help you. Find out more here.

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Finding the Right Shoes for your Marathon

Physiotherapist Neil Smith’s monthly article to guide your Marathon training. This month he talks to podiatrist Alex Ross about choosing the right running shoe.

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PSM Interviews: Ian Griffiths and Mark Gallagher

In this interview, Paul Welford talks to PSM podiatrists Ian Griffiths and Mark Gallagher.

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Look after your feet; a Pilates, Physio & Podiatry perspective

Why is it so important to look after your feet? Members of our Physio, Pilates and Podiatry team explain why your feet shouldn’t be neglected and how to take better care of them.

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What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Physiotherapist Harinee Ohri tells us what Plantar Fasciitis is, the symptoms and how to treat the condition.

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What is shoe drop’ and why is it important?

Shoe drop (also known as pitch) is a popular discussion point among the running footwear industry, sports medicine clinicians & runners, with differing opinions on its impact on injury & performance.