Fritha's Story

After an accident on her bike Fritha compressed a nerve in her spine and was in unimaginable pain..

After going down a pothole on her bike, Fritha was shocked to be told she had popped a disc, damaging facet joints & causing a nerve to be compressed in her spine. The pain was unmanageable so she sought help at PSM

I needed to manage the pain as it was indescribable. I have never been in that level of continuous pain, it was exhausting mentally and physically. Surgery was the only option. I was concerned about my health and how to stay fit and continue training however before and post-surgery. I wasn’t certain if this would be possible especially considering the pain. The answer, thankfully, is yes if you have a fantastic physio and personal trainer. I was recommended to PSM by a friend and the support that I received was invaluable.

Sinead Delaney was the first physio that I saw; I would quite literally move heaven and earth to see her if/​when I have an issue. She stayed with me for 6 months before the surgery and almost a whole year afterwards, through all the pain pre the op and all the recovery pain, post-op. We used acupuncture to manage the muscles spasms of the pain from the compressed nerves, discussed how to inhibit pain pathways and think through the pain – is it really there? Do I need to rethink my pain pathways? Can there be relief in an alternate manner? Gym work within the pain parameters, all about strengthening around the area with conditioning weights and no impact core exercises, I worked with Sinead for about 18 months in total.

There was also the pastoral side of the physio sessions. We would have long discussions on how depression and despair can set in as I wondered,‘is it ever going to get any better?’ Sinead taught me about pain inhibitors and learning to reset them after a long period of continued pain, this was as beneficial as acupuncture or a session in the gym. It’s an all-round service that is offered.

I am 100% certain that this is tantamount to the patience, nurturing and excellent physio support I received from Sinead.”

The results have been incredible, since the operation, a little over 2 years ago, I am pain-free, I can lift and run and skip with my children. I have dysplasia in my hips and this has been aided with the knock-on effect of all the core exercises that Sinead tasked me with. It was a seemingly fruitless battle at one point as I really didn’t feel I was ever going to be pain-free, get better or come out the other side of surgery.

The treatment at Pure Sports Medicine has helped me to achieve some very HUGE personal goals. I am now, 2 years post-surgery, back to weight training with 85kg PB in Dead lifts/​50kg squats/​super sets of these. I am sprinting again, hill sprints, 60m/​400m sprints, 10km trail runs and having sessions in the gym regularly. Most importantly I am pain-free, healthy and stronger than I was pre-operation and I am 100% certain that this is tantamount to the patience, nurturing and excellent physio support I received from Sinead. I have recommended PSM regularly to colleagues and friends alike. Second to none in my book!